Bird Omen

by Gift Eaters

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Bird Omen was Gift Eaters first EP, recorded, mixed and mastered in 12 hours by Eric Cheng at the Wash N' Dry. CD Self Released, Tape released through Bart Records. (With We Haunt The Homes...on Side A)


released March 11, 2013



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Gift Eaters Edmonton, Alberta

Gift Eaters was born in a basement in late 2007. In the 2 years they existed they released 3 records, crossed the country, destroyed instruments, destroyed bodies and made a ton of friends along the way.

Gift Eaters was, and always will be:
Chris Blackmore - Guitar/Vocals
Graham Nichol - Drums
Andrew Benson - Vocals
Cecil Frena - Bass/Vocals
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Track Name: Youth Summit
They enter oblivious, hands outstretched, fat cheeks and watery eyes.
They were staring skyward, to their lord.
They are to leave warriors, fighting to save a generation in decline.
Convinced by statistics and fear that they are the last hope.
They are too young.
They absorb the lessons and squeal in delight whenever someone mentions the righteousness of their lord.
They are too young.
Track Name: Ghost on Artery's Edge
My story is legend, my name is lore.
It's written in every highway line.
Every mile, a new chapter.
I'm metaphors, not quite figured out.
Down the road, you see me, 2AM.
I was never there. I was never here.
..and if you see my face, in the darkness of the night, well I'm sorry, you won't be making it home tonight.
I'm know it's wrong, but I can't stop.
I won't stop.
Track Name: Harvey Milk
"This is a battlecry!" he said.
"This is war!" they cried...
...and with that they marched. Red flags waving, storming the faggot city.
The bottles and rocks flew, and the preacher's on his pedestal, and he's crying...
"Don't you faggots know you ruined my country!"
The bricks and bottles started to fly, and they say they'll win this war.
"It's just a little friendly fire, you'll thank us when we save your soul"
And they say that god is love, well what kid of love is.
Track Name: Like Steeples
Their hands watched god, but their eyes fixed on the ground.
Their limbs stretched to the heavens, like steeples.
Searching for falsified truths, and reasons to hate.
And I wondered and I wandered, through the darkest alleys alone.
I was searching for the kingdom that they promised me, but it was never found.
It's never found.
I refuse to fight a war, waged by holy men in the name of holly ghosts.
We all find god in our ways, and we all have different reasons to hide.
Don't give your cross, it's not mine to bear.
Track Name: Glass
...that time when our lungs were full and our hearts open.
We said "You were the only one for me"
But bravery makes fools of us and , I want nothing more than to stay here with you.
The moon hangs like a scythe and the air is empty.
She was frost bitten streets, and I'm naked and alone.
She was mystery, she was beauty, she was everything.
Stop the clocks. We'll stay here forever and let this be our one act of defiance.
So put your left foot behind your right and brace for it, because sooner of later we all have to exhale.