We Haunt The Homes That We Keep

by Gift Eaters

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We Haunt The Homes We Keep recorded by Eric Cheng at the Wash N' Dry. CD - Self Released. Tape released on Bart Records (with Bird Omen on Side B)


released March 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Gift Eaters Edmonton, Alberta

Gift Eaters was born in a basement in late 2007. In the 2 years they existed they released 3 records, crossed the country, destroyed instruments, destroyed bodies and made a ton of friends along the way.

Gift Eaters was, and always will be:
Chris Blackmore - Guitar/Vocals
Graham Nichol - Drums
Andrew Benson - Vocals
Cecil Frena - Bass/Vocals
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Track Name: Dues
Save your pennies, save your dimes.
We're all saving up to die,
and they'll own you till you're 6 feet down.
Till death do us part, or till debt do us in.
We're all saving up to die. We're all numbers, and we'll all die alone.
Alone, we'll all die alone and broke.
We're all just dues.
Track Name: Hausu
This is our first foray into familial bonds,
but my ghosts are rearing their heads,
and I fear what I'll become.
I've taken too many of his routines,
and I fear the monsters that they bring.
the billow and boil inside, but I'll keep them down.
I won't let you destroy, what I'm striving to be.
We haunt the homes that we keep
We break the molds that our fathers formed us.
Track Name: Cold Cities
Talking and Talking, those words fill your ears.
So much malice, so much hate.
I shudder to think what lies behind those eyes.
And we all turn a blind eye,
the bodies soundlessly stacking up,
"They deserved it, they knew the risks"
Such cold hateful things said,
so much beauty destroyed with so little said.
I tire just thinking, of the way we treat the broken,
the wounded, the afraid.
They were mothers, daughters, sisters.
I hope that pain rains down on you tenfold.
Show us who's the man around here.
Track Name: It Lifts, Sways
It lifts and sways.
It dots the sky, red, angry, and dying
it's last crashing breath on cities of fading embers.
The street lights are birthed
in the still darkness of young evenings,
and ghosts of the day wander blindly,
seeking solace in the coming dawn.
The glimmers of hope are muddied and dull,
but grudgingly burn, hopeful and alive.
And we sit, drowningin our own refuse and cowardice,
waiting for change.
Track Name: Quietly Hanging On
We wrote poetry in the gutters of these war time homes.
Sprawling north, we were cold, we were striking and hungry.
November winds will chill these ghosts and demons.
We took what we could from the days spent laughing and living
on frostbitten suburban lawns.
And we laughed nervously as life washed over and washed us away.
All of us, quietly left hanging onto the last shreds of our youth.