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Final EP recorded by Eric Cheng, originally intended for 2 separate splits, but unfortunately never happened. Released on Bart Records (100 Tapes).
Side A - Final tracks, Side B - Live Set.

Live set included in download. It sounds awful, but the recording of Hausu is a pretty amazing record of how great Edmonton can be. Skip to 12:30


released March 11, 2013



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Gift Eaters Edmonton, Alberta

Gift Eaters was born in a basement in late 2007. In the 2 years they existed they released 3 records, crossed the country, destroyed instruments, destroyed bodies and made a ton of friends along the way.

Gift Eaters was, and always will be:
Chris Blackmore - Guitar/Vocals
Graham Nichol - Drums
Andrew Benson - Vocals
Cecil Frena - Bass/Vocals
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Track Name: Namus
We all remember, remember your words.
I know everything about you,
from the way he spoke.
A less than glowing review
The way the girls silently mouthed his words
Captured by marauding eyes,
is not the best way to be immortalized.
Track Name: Sarai
The lord he giveth, but he taketh away.
We're wrapped in sin and baptized in disappointment.
I feel we pay for my misgivings.
She was torn in two and I'm left with nothing
"Why is this pain heaped on me" she said
I just shrugged and looked away
So my dear, my precious one
and all those I've done wrong,
I'm sorry.
Track Name: Baal
So hopeful, so young
So torrid and yet so fleeting
Listlessly I sit
I'm so terrified of what's waiting for me
or what I'm waiting for,
will it never come
and though we breathe
we're barely alive
waiting's not living and the living should not wait
for those that may not come
Carefully constructed plans
Grand elaborate plans I draft
but listlessly I sit
I'm so terrified of what I'm waiting for
So I'll take my hands and bury them in my chest
I'll take my words and swallow my pride
Every hour we lie together I'm burning in my guilt
I pray with my fingers crossed and I sign with such doubt.
Track Name: Qohelet
I have seen all the things that are done under his son and they are all meaningless...
like chasing after the wind.
But what I mean brothers, is our time is short.
I won't live his life aloud.
Live this life without shame.
Live this life without guilt.
Live this life without pain.
We are but holes in poisoned dirt.
We are but scratches in the stone.
We are are but bones in the ground.
We are but dashes in between.
We are...